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An iCreate Community Initiative

"Art + People = Love" empowers creativity and encourages the use of imagination through the utilization of various art forms; literacy, performing, and visual arts. All art forms are embraced to encourage exploration and discovery through deep analytical self excavation. APL acts as a safe haven in which participants are able to share their various art forms with others, thus perpetuating self-growth. It is our belief that through one's art, love for thyself can be found, and by displaying that said art, love will be spread throughout the community, reducing the effect of social problems, in order to improve peoples' quality of life.

iCreate Productions isn’t just a creative business consulting company—we’re a humanitarian company which gave birth to Art+People=Love. We believe in giving back to our community, which is why we’ve partnered with, and continue to partner with local nonprofit organizations in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania to support community development and revitalization.  One of our funding sources is to develop and sell unique, fun, educational and motivational products. Proceeds from each piece in our Art+People=Love collection go towards supporting our numerous nonprofit partners, their positive aid, and the local communities that we serve. Part of our efforts are about raising awareness for important causes. With any one of the below products, you can help raise awareness and support these local initiatives that help improve the community around us.